♻ Die Kohle des 21. Jahrhunderts

Interessantes Interview über die uns umgebende Aufmerksamkeitsökonomie, ihre in dreierlei Hinsicht nachteiligen und anachronistischen Eigenschaften und darüber, welche Rolle insbesondere Apple bei einer Veränderung spielen könnte.

Advertising is the new coal. It was wonderful for propping up the internet economy. It got us to a certain level of economic prosperity, and that’s fantastic. And it also polluted the inner environment and the cultural environment and the political environment because it enabled anyone to basically pay to get access to your mind.


Energy companies used to have [a] perverse dynamic: I want you to use as much energy as possible. Please just let the water run until you drain the reservoir. Please keep the lights on until there’s no energy left. We, the energy companies, make more money the more energy you use. And that was a perverse relationship. And in many US states, we changed the model to decouple how much money energy companies make from how much energy you use. We need to do something like that for the attention economy, because we can’t afford a world in which this arms race is to get as much attention from you as possible.

Aus “Our Minds have been hijacked by our phones. Tristan Harris wants to rescue them”, gelesen auf wired.com

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